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7 thoughts on “Brunei

  1. Just so you’re aware this jersey is not of the national team but rather the Brunei team that did at one point participate in the Malaysian league.

    Hence the “M League” branding. Still a very good find.

  2. wow, i’m from brunei and i dont even have this jersey! where did u get this?

    in response to tommy c, this is the national team jersey, we are an extremely small country and so doesnt have a football league, that’s why we’re in the malaysian league

  3. I got this shirt ages ago from a collector who found it in an online auction. Very rare shirt, but I don’t know if it ‘counts’ as a national shirt.

  4. oh i see what you mean now, it is more like brunei fc instead of brunei national team, we did have two africans and an aussie in the team

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