Bhutan – Away – 2015

Bhutan away 2015

First worn in the World Cup Qualifier against Sri lanka on 12/03/15, and again in the World Cup Qualifying group stages against China, Hong Kong and Qatar. It also saw action at the 2015 SAFF Championships against the Maldives and finally Bangladesh on 28/12/15.

The World Cup patches were only used against Qatar and China, with long sleeved shirts used for the China match. SAFF patches were used against the Maldives and Bangladesh.
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Yemen – Home – 2012

DSCF1857 DSCF1858

Another shirt direct from the kit man, this time Yemen. The shirt has clearly been worn in numerous matches, and yes Yemen have been playing in fake Adidas. The quality of the shirt is okay for a fake, but only God knows what is going on with that bizarre pattern that makes it look like all the players have been run over. I always had slight doubts over my previous Yemen shirts, but now that I know the first team wear fakes, perhaps the Umbro ones are official afterall.DSCF1859 DSCF1860 DSCF1861


Turkmenistan – Home – 2013

DSCF1862 DSCF1873Another very rare match worn shirt here, and the first ‘new’ addition to the collection in quite a long time. This shirt design is the first to feature the new crest. I have yet to find a photo of this shirt from the match that it was wworn in, and you can see that the lettering differs sligthly from the match photo at the top. I have found photos from a youth game with the lettering matching, but this was from before the FA’s crest had been applied to the shirts.

DSCF1863 DSCF1864 DSCF1865 DSCF1866It seems likely that the shirt was worn in a youth (or women’s?) game since the shirt has been stitched at the sides to make it smaller.DSCF1867


Lebanon – Away – 2008

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