90th – 81st

90th – San Marino – 1994

San Marino have certainly punched above their weight with regards to shirt designs. This classic Virma shirt featuring the San Marino coat of arms was worn throughout the mid 90s where San Marino lost every single game.

89th – England – 1996

For me this shirt screams ‘Gareth Southgate’. Hated at the time, but now loved by many for Euro ’96 nostalgia, it will be forever associated with England defeat on penalties to Germany in the semi-finals.

88th – South Korea – 2020

Having spent the past couple of decades producing boring template shirts for their national teams, Nike suddenly sprung to life in time for the 2018 World Cup. They then followed this up with an exceptional series of bespoke wild and outrageous designs including this beauty.

Of course the stripes are that of the white tiger, not a zebra, and it feaures many more subtle details throughout.

87th – Wales – 2006

A tribute to the shirts worn at the 1958 World Cup, Kappa did a fine job creating a smart modern classic to celebrate 130 years of the Welsh FA. Whilst Wales performed poorly in this kit, Gareth Bale did make his international debut in the yellow and green away version of the kit before Wales went on to become the international powerhouse that they are today.

86th – England – 1990

Probably the favourite trio of shirts by England fans, due to their association with Italia 90. The red away shirt was first used in a 1990 friendly against Uruguay and didn’t see competetive action until the faitful 7-1 win over San Marino that saw England miss out on a place at USA ’94.

The blue 3rd kit was worn once, a qualifying match in Turkey, but is fondly remembered from New Order’s video for World in Motion.

85th – West Germany – 1986

A classic adidas template, used against Argentina in the 1986 World Cup final.

84th – Netherlands – 1974

An incredibly bold shirt that will always be associated with the Netherland’s golden generation and their ‘total football’ which took them to the World Cup final in 1974.

83rd – Japan – 2021

People were going absolutely crazy over Japan’s centenary shirt when it was launched back in 2021. Personally I think Adidas have done an excellent job creating a tribute to the first Japan shirt, and the quality is excellent. It’s disappointing that this was only every used twice. Once in a Kirin Challenge fixture against the U24 side in what was essentially a warm up for the olympics, and once in a 6-0 friendly win over Ghana.

82nd – England – 1872

I guess this is one of the shirts that kicked the whole thing off. Certainly going for the 100% of national shirts was a lot easier back in those days. This shirt does demonstrate how little the England FA badge has changed over 150 years since ther first international fixture.

81st – Denmark – 1994

Hummel really spoilt us with their Denmark designs. This particular one is perhaps less well known than some that came before it, but it was used at both the Confederations Cup and Euro 96.

Denmark aren’t the only team to have used this template. Indeed Burkina Faso wore a yellow and green version.