70th – 61st

70th – Argentina – 2013

There’s a limit to what can be done with striped shirts, but Adidas did a great job with this shirt with subtle patterns within the stipes. Argentina wore this as they reached the final of the 2014 World Cup.

69th – DR Congo – 2012

Almost identical to the 2011 shirt, but with the colurs matching the DR Congo flag. In 2013 the shirt stayed the same with the badge changing to feature the leopard.

68th – Northern Ireland – 1990

Whilst a template shirt, it’s instantly associated with Northern Ireland. The away version is the same pattern but in navy blue, and was never used by the senior side.

67th – USA – 2018

Nike’s design department went into overdrive in 2018, although they saved their best for the likes of USA, Chile and New Zealand who all failed to qualify for the World Cup. the particular design lead to a series of copycat shirts from countries such as New Caledonia and Suriname.

66th – Nigeria – 1995

Nigeria shirts in the mid 90s were something special. This was Nike’s second attempt, first seen at the 1995 US Cup it was used right through until early 1998. Featuring the badge on the sleeve, it’s most well known for being worn by Nigeria’s Gold medal winning team at the 1996 Olympics in Atlant.

65th – France – 2011

Could this be any more french looking?

64th – Portugal – 2020

Nike’s design to impliment three bold hoops on this mint-green away shirt split opinions among kit collectors.

63rd – Croatia – 1992

Whilst not worn by the senior side, this explosion of colour by Lotto is something rather special. The template itself was worn by other national teams including Estonia, and Cyprus, but the contrasting colours make this one really stand out. The shorts are an unexpected bonus.

62nd – Colombia – 1990

A classic adidas template made memorable by Colombia’s performance at Italia 90.

61st – Nigeria – 2020

Having stunned the footballing world with the outrageous Nigeria shirt for the 2018 World Cup, Nike had left themselves with a tough act to follow, and nailed it. It’s not just a single shirt launch, Nike release an entire matching leisure range featuring trainers, bucket hats and even a poncho.