50th – 41st

50th – Seychelles – 2019

Map shirts are a bit of a trend in 2022, but Seychelles released their map shirt in 2019 with this beautiful number. Up until then the national team had been making do with adidas teamwear, and shirts were obtainable through a local sports shop. It was a challenge, but doable. When this shirt was released it was incredibly difficult to track down, achieved by some collectors, before Vintage Football Shirts managed to get them in stock. There’s a number of small variations on different versions, but the general theme is the same, and they continue to feature one of the best badges in FIFA, complete with seagull and a washed up football.

49th – Sri Lanka – 2015

Another notoriously difficult to obtain shirt, Grand Sports produced these brown and yellow shirts for the Sri Lankan national team featuring a lion on the shoulder.

48th – England Women – 1992

Ribero are a well known brand within English football, but only New Zealand’s national team have ever worn Ribero on the men’s international stage. Before the WFA merged with the FA, the women’s side wore this dazzling number that will be familiar looking to fans of Colchester United.

47th – New Caledonia – 2019

Obviously inspired by the USA’s 2018 shirt, this unbranded shirt puts an interesting twist on the original by mixing it with what I presume are traditional Melanesian symbols. The white and red version is used at home, with grey and read being their rather unusual away colours.

46th – USSR – 1988

This isn’t the only appearance for Adidas’s groundbreaking Ipswich template on this list. Whilst most designs throughout the 80s were very clean an tidy, Adidas broke the mould with striking design. Rather confusingly for collectors there are numerous variations of this shirt dependent on where it was manufactured, as well as thousands of fakes.

45th – Nigeria – 1994

One of Nike’s first forays into international football, Nigeria debuted this shirt in a friendly against England, and is possibly the only time the senior side wore it, with the white away shirt being used throughout the Confederations Cup and in some African Games qualifiers. The short lived design is reminiscent of the Borussia Dortmund shirts of the time, with the sleeves representing the wings of the ‘Super Eagles’.

44th – England – 1980

Seen by many as the birth of replica shirts, this England shirt is highly regarded by England fans. Possibly because it’s one of few that dared to be a bit different.

43rd – France – 1990

A great template from Adidas, working perfectly with the France colour set.

42nd – Norway – 2020

Having worn several fantastic shirts throughout the 90s, Norway’s shirts since had remained relatively safe. Norway’s move to Nike coincided perfectly with their design department going into overdrive. A home shirt to please the traditionalist is complemented perfectly with this wild ‘Ice’ shirt. The large pattern means that every shirt varies slightly, and it’s fun to see where the ‘bird poo’ splodge appears, mine is on the left shoulder.

41st – Russia – 2010

A very smart away shirt from Russia. The gold details complimenting the rich maroon colours perfectly.