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A new Qatar shirt

September 9th, 2010
Qatar – Home – 08/10

A few months ago I purchased a Kuwait shirt from Soccer Scene in Carnaby Street, London. I was aware that they’d opened a store in the middle east and would be getting some stock in throughout the year. I’ve come to the conclusion that the Qatar shirt I bought previously was probably not the real deal, so bought this rather smart Burrda effort as a replacement.

Total cost – £48.99

Total cost of collection – £2517.81

5 Responses to “A new Qatar shirt”

  1. Matt

    I just stumbled across this blog and it’s fantastic. How do you find these rare shirts on the internet and buy them?

  2. nickisposh

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks alot! Do keep visiting, I hope to add more details to each post, especially now that shirts are slowing down a bit.

    Hours of searching on the internet and e-mails to various football related organisations had lead to most of my shirts. I’ve picked up a few excellent contacts, and have friends of friends helping me out with some countries.

  3. Matt

    I read one of your earlier posts about most wanted shirts. I am absolutely gutted for you cos one of my mates just came back from Brunei to visit family and he could have picked one up. Also, I am sending various e-mails into American Samoa to try and get one of these shirts. If I manage to get hold of one I’ll be sure to give you the contact. I will be visiting again defo 🙂

  4. Matt

    Also here’s a Croatia shirt for £15

  5. MymassaVoice


    I’m a collector from Malaysia. I am hoping that you could help me secure Kuwait Burrda shirt as Soccer Scene doesn’t permit web entries from Malaysia. Maybe we could have a swap with my ASEAN shirts collections.

    Ezril (mohdezril@yahoo.com)


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