Greece – Home – 2004

Greece shocked the footballing world by winning Euro 2004 despite being placed 150-1 outsiders. However they have struggled since losing all their games in Euro 2008, and failing to qualify for the 2006 World Cup. They did however beat Ukraine in the play offs for the 2010 World Cup.


Togo – Home – 2006

Togo were one of eight teams for home Germany 2006 was their first Finals, although they are yet to win a point. The Togolese team had threatened to pull out due to their federation not paying them bonuses, in the federation were fined for “behavior unworthy of a participant in the World Cup.”







Canada – Away – 2004

Surprisingly Canada have only qualified for the World Cup Finals once in Mexico 1986, recently they have finished behind nations such as Costa Rica, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and Honduras. They did beat the USA and Mexico’s domination of the Gold Cup in 2000 to win their first international honour since 1904 when they won Gold medal at the Olympics, although I’m not sure that should count since only 3 teams entered, and two of them were the USA.