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Collecting national team shirts from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.


Mauritius is a tiny island a long way off the east coast of Africa, and I do as it happens have an old school friend whose ex-pat parents live there. Fortunately I didn’t have to have that slightly awkward conversation since one popped up on eBay from the same seller as the Kenya shirt.

Mauritius – Home – ?

I was worried from the eBay listing that this may not be an official national football shirt, and photos from the Mauritius national team are quite hard to come by, but when the shirt came it was clear that it was the real deal.

Total cost – £19.75

Total cost of collection – £135.90

5 thoughts on “Mauritius

  1. Hi all, unfortunately you are all wrong! Mauritius play all in Red (Shirt & Shorts) for home matches and all in White for away matches (which is very weird as they do not have one bit of white on their national flag) The shirt you bought unfortunately is a fake, I have one myself, it’s by Citizen yes, but that is a name of a shop in a town called Rose Hill in Mautius and NOT a kit supplier. Mauritius national team as far as I know to date does not have a sponsored kit supplier, such as adidas, Nike, Puma etc. They have been known to use adidas in the past and also Puma but I do not know if those suppliers made those shirts and shorts for them as a one off or they just had it made for themelves which wouldn’t suprise me! Sorry to disappoint you, but as a big Mauritian fotball fan myself I have been after an original national football shirt for over 20 years, that’s how I know they do not produce one, as I have contacts from the Maritian FA.

    1. Thanks for your comments. Yes I did wonder, although I have seen photos of the national team wearing very similar shirts with the flag stripes down the sleeves.

      I have since managed to get hold of a match worn Mauritius shirts made by Adidas.

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