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January 23rd, 2011

Maldives – Home – 10/11

 I bought this from the same Thai seller who sold me the 2009 Laos shirt. I’ve studied photographs and this appears to be exactly the same as the shirt used by the Maldives, and is an official Nike shirt.
Total Cost – £34.99

11 Responses to “Maldives”

  1. Caveman Ninja

    How long did this take to arrive? I ordered it from the same seller just before new year and it’s not here yet…

  2. nickisposh

    I’m guessing that I ordered it at a similar time to you. It took a while to arrive this time, whereas the Laos shirt from the same seller was very quick.

  3. Caveman Ninja

    Cheers… let’s hope it turns up soon! I ordered a Laos shirt too, I’m looking forward to that one. It looks really nice in the pictures.

  4. nickisposh

    I think there’s another Laos shirt on there at the moment too.

  5. Fernando Silva

    Hi nick,

    Did you buy this shirt from selller Zenther?
    I think he still had it, but i got no answer from him.

  6. nickisposh

    Sure did:


  7. Enrique


    Same problem that you guys, I bought this shirt at same time than you and I have not received it yet. That guy is a very bad seller. Anyway, it looks great at the pictures. I will wait a little longer.


  8. nickisposh

    Have you contacted him yet? It took a while to arrive, but it got here.

  9. Caveman Ninja

    Mine has now arrived too. Took a month but all is good.

  10. Enrique

    The guy sent me a Tracking number, but when i looked for it, it seems he sent my shirt one month after I paid him.
    I have not received it yet and have not received his answer to my mails asking if that one is the correct number.
    I guess I have to be patient.

  11. Nishath

    Tried buying this on honeymoon last year, but the shops were shut for Eid!

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