Kosovo – Home – 2016

An historic shirt for a number of reasons. Kosovo, the 210th FIFA member (pipping Gibraltar by mere minutes) finally joined after years of battling for the right to play football. October 6th 2016 was the day that Kosovo finally played a FIFA affiliated competitive match, a 6-0 home defeat to Croatia. More importantly, I finally completed my epic quest to collect the 211 shirts of FIFA! Now Kosovo didn’t used to be that hard to find, Legea supplied them back in their non-FIFA days, but for whatever reason I decided not to buy one then. When they join Kelme decided to arse about and not bother with replicas.

This shirt was prepared for Alban Meha who stayed on the bench all agme, and I know what you’re thinking, it looks a bit dodgy. But as you can see from these photos from that match, the details are exact: the lack of paw print on the shoulders, the seem line not matching with the blue on the shoulders, the printed details. I have no idea why the quality of the player shirts is so bad, I guess they’re only used for one off matches, the replica ones are far better. I’ve even seen photos of the collar from the changing rooms which show no label.

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