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Guyana (formely known as British Guiana) has had a football federation since 1902 which I’m guessing makes it the oldest federation in CONCACAF, I’m prepared to be corrected there. I’m probably making this all up now but I’m guessing some bloke from Britain came over with a football and spread football, like with any religion and their missionaries.
Guyana finally joined FIFA in 1968, two years after their independence from the UK. Despite never winning anything of note they have improved significantly in recent years, climed from a record low of 181st in 2004 to 86th last year. The Golden aguars leap up the FIFA world rankings is mainly thanks to a run of 10 consecutive wins in 2006 which saw them climb 87 places.
There are several Golden Jaguars in the English leagues, the most well known of which is Charlton Athletic’s Leon Cort alongside his older brother Carl Cort and Ricky Shakes of Ebbsfleet.

 I’ve managed to get hold of the final country from main land America (Belize is on it’s way). This one has frustrated me for quite some time now. Guyana got their first kit sponsorship in 2008 from the French firm “One Equipment” (or ‘OE’). However I’ve been unable to find any information about them via google. Later on in 2008 the Guyana team started playing in a copy of the OE shirt, but this time under the name ‘GJ’, presumably short for their nickname ‘Golden Jaguars’. These shirts were for sale, but only if I lived in North America.
Finally in 2011 Guyana start playing in Plus One shirts, a firm from the USA (who make their shirts in China). I’ve been trying for years to get in contact with Plus-One since they breifly supplied Haiti, and signed a contract to supply Uganda. However I never heard anything back despite them advertising sales on their website.

Here you go:
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  1. Wow, just an amazing shirt man.
    I am so happy to get one of those soon 🙂
    Besides this you even found a second shop to buy. That is just georgious.

    I love that you finally start writing texts about your shirts again. I know you are busy man, but it keeps your blog more alive.

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