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Collecting national team shirts from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.


Turkmenistan – Home – 2013

DSCF1862 DSCF1873Another very rare match worn shirt here, and the first ‘new’ addition to the collection in quite a long time. This shirt design is the first to feature the new crest. I have yet to find a photo of this shirt from the match that it was wworn in, and you can see that the lettering differs sligthly from the match photo at the top. I have found photos from a youth game with the lettering matching, but this was from before the FA’s crest had been applied to the shirts.

DSCF1863 DSCF1864 DSCF1865 DSCF1866It seems likely that the shirt was worn in a youth (or women’s?) game since the shirt has been stitched at the sides to make it smaller.DSCF1867

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso – Home – 2012

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Cameroon – Home – 2002

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