Denmark – Away – 1998

Always had a soft spot for Denmark, I went there to visit Legoland when I was a kid. Although as a national attraction, that statue of the little mermaid in Copenhagen has to be one of the biggest let downs.

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Tibet – Home – 2007

There are some countries and territories which don’t have national teams affiliated with FIFA. These teams are either generally unrecognized, or autonomous regions of other nations. They take part in a number of small international tournaments, the biggest of which is the FIFI World Cup which was entered by teams from Tibet, Northern Cyprus, Zanzibar, Greenland, and Gibraltar.


Bolivia – Home – 2003

Bolivia have an amazing home record given how poor they are on the road, this is thanks to playing at an altitude when the visitors struggle for breath. This season they thrashed Diego Maradona’s Argentina 6-1 in La Paz.
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First stop: eBay

Over the past couple of weeks I have become a tad obsessed with eBay, the number of times that I’ve typed “*insert country here* shirt” must be well over a thousand by now, aswell as regularly checking the national shirt category.

I’ve been concentrating my search on the more obscure footballing nations whilst also keeping an eye out for a bargain from other countries. Fortunately my father works from home, so he’s been there to sign for the steady stream of parcels arriving on a daily basis.