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Collecting national team shirts from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Sao Tome and Principe

Sao Tome & Principe – Away – 2012

Used back in 2012, SAo Tome & Principe were still using the same design in 2016. I don’t suppose there’s much need for any away shirt with such a unique home design.
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Matabeleland – Home – 2017

A huge obstacle for Matabeleland’s presence at the 2018 ConIFA World Cup in London was finances. As part of their fundraising the Matabeleland team sold replica shirts in advance that could be picked up at any of their matches. In addition to this I bought a stack of their matchworn shirts from last year.

San Marino

San Marino – Home – 2018

After several years of exciting San Marino shirts produced by Virma, the San Marinese fell victim to the Adidas template atrocity whereby any team that isn’t in the top 10 of the FIFA rankings will be given a bland adidas template. In San Marino’s case they didn’t even get the proper shade of blue.  Fortunately UEFA’s minnows have been picked up by Macron who have provided each of them with a unique design. This one may be a tad too simple for my liking, but at least it’s the right colour.


Matabeleland – Home – 2018

Matabeleland is the western region of Zimbabwe. Despite playing some excellent football they finished 3rd in their group tanks to a win over Tuvalu. It is worth mentioning that the group contained both finalists Szekelyland and Padania. The placement rounds showed that Matabeleland could perhaps have progressed in a different group. They drew with Kabylia, had a walk-over after the team from the Isle of Man threw their toys out the pram, and earned a 1-0 win over Tamil Eelam in their final fixture.

Those fortunate enough to see Matabeleland play will not be able to forget the carnival atmosphere that they brought to the tournament. After each game there was an impromptu party in the carpark with players and fans of the opposition:


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